About Us

I have lived in Laneshaw Bridge, where the turkeys are raised, all of my life. In fact, I'm the third generation of my family to live on the historic Emmott Estate.

I'm passionate that our high welfare turkeys are raised with great care, to give you the best tasting meat. From their lovely woodland surroundings, to listening to Classical music, their welfare is my highest priority.

With experience in the food industry, I've teamed up with other local producers to bring you the very best Lancashire products to your dinner table this Christmas.

You can keep up to date with the turkeys daily on Facebook here or on Instagram at @pauls_turkeys.


I take great pride in raising the birds in an ethical manner. I know that "ethical" can mean different things to different people, so I thought it would be useful to highlight below what I mean by ethical:

-Making sure that the animals have the ability to free range, and explore the outdoors

-Ensuring that they’re happy, free from fear and well fed. I mean, we even play Classical music to ours (though for some folk that could be their idea of hell!)

-In carbon footprint terms, it means being able to supply food locally, that hasn’t been shipped half way across the world. The lower the food miles, the better for the environment

-From a personal point of view, it means selecting breeds that are more traditional, so they grow more slowly. They spend longer on planet earth and they haven’t been bred to produce meat at a ridiculous speed. They’ll have about double the lifespan of some commercial breeds.

-Taste. I think some folk forget this. I think that if you’re to be an ethical farmer, you should REALLY care that what you’re producing tastes great, for the end consumer.

-Supporting other local businesses. That fits in with the eco stuff, as well as just doing the right thing. We get our Poults (young turkeys) from Lancashire, our feed, straw, the works is all bought locally

-That when the time comes, the animal is stunned first, using the “stun-to-kill” technique

-I actually care. These animals are funny, but important to me.

So, you might be able to get a turkey for twenty quid from the frozen section. But it’s the most important meal of the year. Is it ethical? What does it mean to you? You get what you pay for.